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Sa., 24. Feb.



Lantern Festival Chinese Independent Film Screening

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Lantern Festival Chinese Independent Film Screening
Lantern Festival Chinese Independent Film Screening

Zeit & Ort

24. Feb. 2024, 14:30 – 18:30

Berlin, Gleimstraße 33, 10437 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung


Discover the creativity and talent of young independent Chinese filmmakers, as they explore diverse themes and narratives. Our carefully curated selection of films will take you on a journey through the rich cultural tapestry of China, offering a glimpse into its history, traditions, and contemporary society.

(14:40 – 16:20): shots collection

(Hello. Barry)


The film follows Barry as he meets with his psychiatrist, Mrs Ryder. He describes his tragic childhood, but gradually discovers that the past that Barry talks about is the opposite of what he actually is. All of Barry's memories have been altered by himself. Dr. Ryder exposes Barry's lies. Barry's true memories come to light. In fact, Dr. Ryder is Barry's alter ego, who has lied to avoid the mistakes he has made. In the end, Barry ultimately chooses to stay in the wrong "reality".

(Sonata of Hair)


Wen Qi, a rebellious and angry teenager, conflicts with her mother about going to a prestigious local high school she’s been accepted to because she would have to cut her hair short. This leads to a series of family arguments.

(The Floating Songs)


This film pays tribute to this vibrant form of folk art unique to Guangxi in China. Through the transmission of song, the camera encounters different faces and gatherings. The songs circulate between rural landscapes and cities, between reality and the online world, carrying the timeless echoes of all life on earth.

(Shepherds Above Cloud)


This documentary is a study of the history and culture of the Qiang people, an ancient ethnic group who lives in Sichuan province. Records of the Qiang people can be dated back to the Yin Dynasty more than 3,000 years ago.

(Through the Fog)


In the summer of 2020, Mu Rige, then a second-year graduate student, went to a Qiang village in the mountains as part of Professor Lang’s ethnology research project. There, she was drawn to a local amateur scientist and discovered some mysterious connection of this ancient village and aliens ...

(16:35 – 18:10): feature film “Choose the Life I Want” 毕业第一年


Chen Bowen experiences multiple job changes but struggles to find his mind and heart belong. A chance of running into his university friend, Lao Xiang, leads him back to the world of performing arts. To prepare for his role, Chen reconnects with other post-graduation classmates, each of whom has experienced his/her own unique challenges in the first year after graduation.

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