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Sa., 24. Feb.



Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Festival

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Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Festival
Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Festival

Zeit & Ort

24. Feb. 2024, 19:30 – 21:30

Berlin, Gleimstraße 33, 10437 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung


The Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Festival was founded and first held in Nanjing, China, in 2019. Over the past five years, Blue Planet has collected over 4,000 science fiction films from 107 countries and regions worldwide, along with more than 700 sci-fi film projects. These works have been showcased in over 60 screenings across the globe. In 2024, Planet Blue will continue its screening tour, with the first stop in Berlin, presenting six outstanding award-winning sci-fi works from the past three editions of the Blue Planet festival to an international audience.

(19:30 – 22:00): shots collection



As artificial intelligence enters the competition for jobs, humans are also starting to benefit from mechanical enhancements. Workplace success becomes closely tied to personal modification. The protagonist's insecurity drives him to constantly "upgrade" to stay competitive in the job market. Only when he loses his true self does he realize that the real losers are, in fact, both himself and AI.



Sisyphus tells the story of a father who mistakenly enters a time rift to save his daughter. The journey back home is fraught with danger, requiring not only cold, hard determination but also the courage to meet the challenge of crossing vast stretches of time.

(Green Food)


Three astronauts representing all humankind bring an alien body floating in outer space back to Earth. But on the way back, the spaceship is hit by a meteorite, and they are trapped inside the spaceship. In the days of starving and waiting for rescue, the three people discuss whether to eat the alien.


(Homeward Journey)


It tells the story of a girl living on Mars who has not been back to her home on Earth for years, as she is busy working her way up in her career. When she learns that her grandma’s health condition is deteriorating, she embarks on a journey to go home, despite all difficulties, to reunite with her family.

(Newborn’s Lawyer)


Set over 100 years in the future amidst a population explosion, to ease the demographic burden, a newborn court is launched to determine if newborns who will commit crimes in the future can be born. Newborn’s lawyers need to defend these lives that would be ended even before they are even born.

(The Reckless One)


Chunyuan, a stuttering teenager who is always teased is sent to learn comedy to overcome this problem and paired with a robot named "Chun Cheng" as his partner. Growing older, Chunyuan no longer needs companionship. One day, he discovers that Chun Cheng has broken and starts to think about abandoning him...

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